Have a look at my ideas. Some of them are built, some of them are rendered. And some of them are ideas that wait to be picked up.

Product/Prototype, Video

oOo (Ring Me Up)

Create your own little tool that helps you reconnect with yourself. An inconspicuous biodegradable ring that you can always carry with you, that you can touch, turn and play with. In the ritualistic process of self-mixing simple ingredients that everyone has at home, you design a ring that helps you bring yourself back to your needs,...

Product/Prototype, Video

Wristband for Panic Attacks

This design of the bracelet was inspired by the ancient Pranayama breathing technique. Originally consisting in 4 seconds breathing in, holding the air for 7 seconds and then breathing out for 8 seconds. In my research I discovered that the time of the breathing intervals is not important but what counts is that you breathe […]...

Art, Video


You enter a dark room. When you step into the light your shadow appears. It moves like you. It seems to be you. But it‘s not the you of today. It’s an old version of yourself. See what happens when you start to play. And what time changes....

Art, Video

Merwut / Wermut

4 women, 1 bottle of Vermuth and 2 kg of ice. But before we started drinking, we needed to give the leftover ice a purpose. Because we are prudent, dutiful and devotedly considerate women. ...

Art, Video

Gone Too Far

How far would you go to save the environment? And how serious are you about recycling?  This is a desperate attempt to do it right....