This design of the bracelet was inspired by the ancient Pranayama breathing technique.

Originally consisting in 4 seconds breathing in, holding the air for 7 seconds and then breathing out for 8 seconds.

In my research I discovered that the time of the breathing intervals is not important but what counts is that you breathe out longer than you breathe in. Like this you make sure that you empty your lungs. Something that is very difficult during a panic attack, because you always think that you can’t get enough air. So to avoid hyperventilating – something that can happen if you don’t control your breath and always try to breathe more air in – you can use this breathing technique.

The wristband is designed so you can use it in every day life without catching any attention. This comes especially handy when you are surrounded by a lot of people and you don’t want them to know what is happening. The first four elevations help you count while you breathe in. The whole in the middle is for holding your breath. During a panic attack it is helpful to be able to adjust the brake as you need. Also you are able to touch yourself for a moment, which can feel soothing and relaxing. Then you can feel six notches that are getting smaller why are you keep on feeling around the wristband. They help you count while you breathe out.